$2.3 trillion USD in retail   e-commerce sales in 2017 

 -- how did you do? 

Notch Trading is your e-commerce partner

The retail e-commerce marketplace is huge! And it's not slowing down. In fact, it's estimated to grow 213% over the next 4 years to almost $4.9 trillion USD!

Here's our question to you: how did you do in 2018?

More importantly, how do you plan to do better this year?



There are generally two reasons for a brand or distributor to work with us:

- They have great sales in their brick and mortar stores, but lack an e-commerce component

- They have existing e-commerce channels, but wish to increase the exposure of their brand and increase their sales

When we start working with brands, the most common issues are that they don't have sufficient knowledge or have time to learn about the e-commerce sales channels, or they simply don't have time to run yet another sales channel. Brand owners and manufacturers are very good at building a great product, and they may be good at building up a network with brick and mortar retailers or distributors, but that's often where it stops. Selling their products through an e-commerce sales channel is often a technical, daunting task, which is then ignored.

This is where Notch Trading can help your business grow. Whether you're a brand owner, manufacturer, distributor or wholesale company, we work with businesses like yours to increase your e-commerce sales. If you don't have a current e-commerce channel, or you're just getting started, or maybe you may have been doing it for years, we are here for you. We can help you with creating listings online, optimizing existing listings, or if you need amazing product photography, we can arrange for that as well.

We are your e-commerce partner, and we work with you to increase your exposure and sales online.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you market your product better.

Our Promises

Listing Creation

No listing? No problem! We will create listings for your brand new product, ensuring your product is listed with maximum conversion in mind.

Listing Optimization

Already have a listing, but it isn't converting? Working with us, we will review and optimize your listing, and combined with our other services, increase sales.

Product Photography

Amazing product photography can be the difference between being the leading product in your category or nowhere to be found. 

Brand Monitoring

Monitoring your brand is challenging, even for the biggest companies out there. We have processes in place to help make this task a lot easier.

Paid Marketing

Even with the most optimized listing, the best photography, you can get even more sales with paid marketing. We do our utmost to further market your product.

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